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Ahmed Rafiq & Mashrur Arefin Receiving `IFIC Bank Sahitya Puroshkar 2019’

Date: 19 December 2021

Tuesday, December 14, 2021: Veteran language activist and literary personality Ahmed Rafiq and novelist Mashrur Arefin are going to receive the ‘IFIC Bank Sahitya Puroskar’ for 2019. Mr. Ahmad Rafiq has been selected as the best writer for his essay ‘Bhasha Andolon: Teknaf to Tetulia’ and Mr. Masroor Arefin for his novel ‘August Abchaya’. The award will be handed over to the selected writers through a formal ceremony very soon.


IFIC Bank has launched ‘IFIC Bank Sahitya Puroskar’ to encourage creative literature by recognizing the creative talents of contemporary living writers of Bengali language and literature with the slogan 'IFIC Bank is a Companion of Creative Literature'. IFIC Bank has been giving this literary prize since 2011 for the best two books of the first edition published in the Bengali language in Bangladesh from six branches of literature every year. The Selection Committee, composed of eminent writers and literary critics, selects the best two books. The selected best authors are awarded with BDT 5 lac (for each book), Certificate of Honor and Crest. So far, this is the biggest literary award in Bangladesh in the scale of financial value. The award has already been widely acclaimed by all.