School Savings Plan – A Plus

School Savings Plan – A Plus

IFIC School Savings Plan-A Plus is the best scheme for those looking to secure their child’s future. Flexible installment, flexible tenor, attractive interest rates along with Scholarship facility of Tk. 5000 for meritorious students, makes this the perfect scheme for your child’s education.


  • Flexible monthly installment based Savings Scheme for school going students
  • Attractive Return on Investment
  • Flexible Tenor: 5/7 Years
  • Scholarship facility up to Tk. 5000 for both SSC & HSC [If the account holder secures Grade-A+/CGPA 5.00 equivalent marks (Without Fourth Subject) in the exam]

Required Documents:

  • Photograph of Minor Applicant (i.e. Student) : 4 copies
  • Copy of Student ID/ Copy of last paid Tuition Fee Receipt
  • Photograph of Guardian : 2 copies
  • Copy of National ID of Guardian
  • Proof of Address  Copy of Utility Bill