Millionaire Dream Plan (MDP)

Millionaire Dream Plan (MDP)

For those looking for the safest way to become a millionaire, IFIC Millionaire Dream Plan is for them. With attractive interest rates and flexible installment sizes, anyone can become a millionaire in 4-10 years’ time.


  • Attractive Return on Investment
  • You can become a millionaire in 4/5/7/10 years
  • Flexible installment size
  • Credit facility up to 90% of principal amount
  • Attractive Insurance Coverage (Up to Tk. 500,000 for Accidental death and Tk. 50,000 for normal death.)

Required Documents:

  • Photograph 3 copies
  • Nominee photo- 1 copy
  • Copy of National ID
  • Proof of Address -Copy of Utility Bill